Sticky Advertising

I’m trying to find ways to get my blog posts noticed, so I’ve been paying more attention to the power of advertising.  I have questions like:

1. What is my blog “demographic”?

Blog your passion and they will come are the words of wisdom from the blog gurus.  I agree, but being slightly paranoid, I still want to make sure that there are people out there who share my interests and will take the time to read what I have to say.

More wisdom from the Gurus is to find your niche and make it the focus of your blog posts.  Great…I’m one of those “Jack of all trade but master of none” types so I just can’t commit to daily or weekly ramblings on the benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle for Silver Lake retro tatoo artists.

2. What are some creative ways I can get blog posts noticed?

offer date nights with American Idol contestants, an evening with Oprah, free tickets to the WWHL clubhouse, NeNe Leakes anger management classes …

3. How do I keep people coming back for more?

see #2 above

4. If I get enough interest  can I take the next step and start up a website and generate income?

Have you made it once you exceed 100 hits on your blog site?

5. How long until I become the next Perez Hilton?

Lady Gaga & The Launch Of V61 Hosted By V Magazine & Marc Jacobs

So I googled “tips for putting together a good advertising campaign.”  and clicked on “top 10 tips for an effective advertising campaign”  I was immediately assaulted with a pop up ad that once closed was forgotten like last nights dinner.  I do remember that there were, it seems,  5 ads for Wells Fargo Bank.  Was this a google adsense generated ad that was somehow magically predetermined to be effective based on high paying keywords and a Goo do chant? Yes I said Goo Do chant. It’s like a Vu Du chant but only happens while googling.

My inquiring mind wants to know how much Wells Fargo is paying for the ad, how many clicks has it generated, how much the web owner is making per click, and will somebody actually visit Silver Lake Tattoo since I posted a pic of them above.

I wasn’t convinced of the power of advertising on websites, however, in my research I discovered that 97% of Googles revenue comes  from advertising, of which 67% is generated through adsense.  In the 3rd quarter 2010 google revenue was 7.29 $B with a valuation of approximately 197$B.  That’s like the value of 100 Oprahs.

As I was trying to figure out how to embed videos into my blog (just my 3rd blog post, come on now I’m making progress here) I came across the following foreign made TV commercials  that I really enjoyed.  Is it just me or do foreign ads seem edgier, more creative, and kinda make you actually want to watch them instead of fast forward the dvr?

What the hell is this?

No, it’s not a new millennium inkblot or Snooki’s pupils after a night out in the Jersey Shore.  It’s actually a 2D bar code (sometimes referred to as QR code) and is expected to take advertising to a whole new level because it can be placed almost anywhere (magazines, billboards, buses, cabs, products, store signs, etc) and is easily scanned into a smartphone.  Once the code is scanned and it connects with the appropriate App, the phone is immediately directed to a website with access to all the latest promotions, product information, new products and services etc.

I first noticed this type of bar code  when I used a mobile boarding pass on a United flight last fall.  It was very cool to have a paperless ticket but I was kind of worried about the phone dying or not being able to access the mobile e-ticket once I got in line to board the plane. I didn’t have any problems and it worked perfectly.

Question of the day:

Can you remember the last time a TV commercial, magazine ad, billboard ad or a website ad actually persuaded you to buy something?

What type of ads are the most effective?

Would you use a QR code to find out the latest promotional information on a product or service?


Andy Cohen for President in 2012

Top 10 Reasons Andy Cohen should run for president in 2012

Andy Cohen Bravo Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development, Andy Cohen attends Bravo's 2010 Upfront Party at Skylight Studio on March 10, 2010 in New York City.

10. The Salahis may finally be able to get a real invitation to the State Dinner at the whitehouse.

9. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, selected as campaign fundraisers, commit to one full year without any cosmetic alterations thereby raising enough cash to not only finance the election campaign but cut the national debt in half.

8. First lady, Mama Elsa gives free psychic readings to all members of congress and for the first time in history is able to achieve bipartisan unity in the house and senate.  The Mojito Monday radio address replaces the weekly national Saturday program, is held in the Lincoln Bedroom, and features appetizers (croquetas and fried plantain) a pig roast, and no talking just salsa and meringue music.

First dog, Giggy would have as his platform, finding a cure for Alopecia and implementing universal veterinary health care.

Follow Giggy on twitter @giggythepom

7. Andy’s controversial appointment of Nene Leakes as Secretary of State proves to be one of his most brilliant acts in the early days of his first term.  Unlike Star Jones, president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il resign immediately upon hearing the former Atlanta Housewife give her  “I Will Take You Down” acceptance speech.  Palestinians and Israelis are able to come to a long sought after peace agreement after signing a friendship contract negotiated with the help of the secretary’s closest aid Cynthia Bailey.

6. During president Cohen’s reign, all state of the union addresses are delivered in the WWHL clubhouse.  The drinking game is  mandatory, with members of the audience as well as those watching from home,sipping their cocktails whenever they hear the words “Ramotional, Gingey, Mazel, Jackhole, and My Three Wishes for the Week.”   The National anthem would be changed to “Don’t be Tardy for the Party” and all Supreme Court Judges would be required to wear Kim Zolciak wigs during court proceedings. Please note that supreme court justice nominee Phaedra Parks clarifies her position on the merits of canned food for white people, rationale for unknown due dates, benefits of sip and see parties, and the importance of including pickles in pregnancy photos during the senate selection process.

Kim Zolciak Photo

5.Patti Stanger is offered a new cabinet position as head of the Department of Matchmaking.  Her challenge is to decrease the divorce rate by teaching men to use their brains instead of letting their penis do the picking while dating.  Her successful matches  result in passage of gay marriage in 48 states as the voters come to the realization that same sex unions will not negatively impact their ability to stay married nor cause the nation to dissolve into a pillar of salt like the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jeff Lewis is appointed the position of head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  His challenge is to make over the entire state of New Jersey, the cities of Detroit, Oakland, Cleveland, and any dwelling decorated with Ikea furniture.

4. The New York Housewives are relocated to Washington DC and then promptly cancelled.

3. The cast of  Top Chef All Stars are hired to staff the White House kitchen.  Quick fire challenges determine who gets to cook for visiting dignitaries and the never ending parade of WWHL guest stars.  Layoffs are determined by elimination challenges in the rose garden. Chefs prepare the meals using solar panels and aluminum foil and all meals are judged on taste, creativity and presentation by Curtis Stone and Tom Colicchio before being served.

2.. Rosie Pope heads up the National Education Association and replaces “No Child Left Behind” with “No Child will be Born into a Home Before it is Sufficiently Baby Proofed.”  A national program requiring mandatory psychotherapy for all children raised in Manhattan’s upper east side will be submitted for congressional approval within the first year of office.

1. Vice presidential candidate Bethenny Frankel rolls out the Skinny Girl Margarita recreational vehicle for whistle stop tour of Florida, Georgia and West Virgina promoting her campaign promise that rednecks will find a place of yes that doesn’t involve 40 OZ Bud Light and a date with a relative in the same fork of the family tree.  Her fight against child obesity includes appointing Jamie Oliver as National Food Czar and getting skinny girl margaritas approved as the beverage of choice for school lunches.

Question of the day: Do you think we need a food revolution in the public school lunch program?

What’s a nomnom?

It’s 2011 and I’m just now writing my first blog post.  I know a little tardy for the party, right?

So why start blogging now? Is there anything left to say in this vast internet universe hasn’t been said already?  It’s not like I’m a Bravo Housewife who needs to peddle my next song, sell some hand bags, plug my over autotuned pop song, or plead my case for causing a riot at a babies christening.

I’ve been going through a crazy unsettling time  due primarily to health issues that have changed my life, unfortunately for the worse.  I’m not going to dwell on it too much but as I get more comfortable with this blogging thing I will begin to share and hopefully get support and ideas from readers.

What can I discuss on a regular basis that will keep you all interested?  I have a few ideas so hang in there with me as I get started and get sorted.  I decided to write my first blog….wait for it…about food trucks.    Why Food Trucks?  Everyone has to eat.

Food Trucks:

My partner and I live in Valencia, CA (awesometown) and when I heard there was going to be a food truck festival on Sunday I knew we had to go check it out.  Last summer we watched the reality show “The Great Food Truck Race” and one of our favorite teams on the show was “the nomnom truck.”  They were scheduled to be a the festival so we headed out to check them out.

Owners Jennifer Green and Misa Chien

Food trucks have been around for a long time.  Don’t we all have fond (or not so fond) memories of the “roach coach” pulling up to the work place at lunch time and grabbing a burger or ham sandwich for lunch?  When my partner and I first moved to LA 10 years ago there were plenty of food trucks but very little diversity.  They were mostly Mexican vendors selling street food (some great and others not so good).  Sure, the food hit the spot when we didn’t feel like waiting for a meal at our favorite sit down restaurant but the food choices were pretty limited and the trucks sometimes were hard to find.

That quickly changed about two years ago  when a gourmet food truck craze started in LA with buzz created by Koqi  Now there are close to 200 gourmet trucks roaming the streets of LA many with innovative names like “Slap Yo Mamma, Grill Em All, Ragin Cajun, Great Balls on Tires, Gastro Bus”  If you follow your favorite trucks on twitter you can easily find where you can get your daily fix of  soul food, tapas, crepes  lobster rolls, sprinkles cupcakes, korean bbq tacos and even organic handmade ice cream sandwiches.

Living in Valencia, which is about 30 miles north of LA, we are off the beaten path for the G trucks. Since the great city of Valencia sponsored a food truck festival over the weekend we had to go check them out.  We were most anxious to try the Nom Nom truck since we were such big fans of them on “The Great Truck Race.”  For $6 per sandwich we both decided on the foot long pork banh mi sandwich that I have to say was definitely gourmet worthy.  The baguette was perfectly toasted, the meat was juicy and flavorful, and the toppings were crisp and fresh (sliced cucumber, carrots, pickled daikon, cilantro, and jalapenos).  I should have held off on the jalapenos – they were good but very hot and overwhelmed the flavor of the remaining toppings.

nomnomnomnom!!! It was great!

The owners of the nomnom truck have learned a few things about giving good service.  There were only 3 sandwich items available on the menu, no side dishes and no drinks.  Customers were able to select which toppings they wanted on the chicken, pork, or tofu sandwich

We were there in the early afternoon and only waited in line for about 15 minutes during what was probably the busiest time of the day.  The next day I saw on their twitter feed that they shut down about two hours early because they ran out of food.  No doubt it was a successful day at the festival for them and a fun day for their customers. There were about 30 trucks at the festival and most of them had plenty of customers.

There is a lot of food truck buzz right now in the foodie world.  For entrepreneurs who are interested in breaking into the restaurant business the entry costs are quite a bit lower. For customers, the gourmet trucks provide an alternative to the brick and mortar sit down experience and offers a wider variety of choices.

Unfortunately, most larger cities are passing regulations that are making it difficult for the trucks to operate.I think it’s because the sit down restaurants are wary of the competition and are lobbying city council reps to  increase the red tape.  Please, if you love your food trucks and your council rep is hassling them with more red tape, give your rep a call and voice your support for the trucks.  I know the truckers would appreciate it.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of eating a gourmet meal street side, find a food truck festival or follow your favorite on twitter and check them out when they are nearby. Who knows you may find yourself nomming down some great food!

I wanted to add several links to food truck bloggers.  Unfortunately, I only found one in Portland that is really active.

To foodies who live in or want to visit NYC you may also want to check out the following blog:  Feitel occasionally talks about food trucks and local street fairs in his blog.

There you have it.  My first blog.  I know that as time goes on I’ll get much better at this and find my voice.  But it’s exciting to get started on this journey and I intend to bring on some  interesting topics going forward .

One more thing, I want to add as the a regular feature to the blog is the question of the day.  Hopefully this will provoke some thought, at times some controversy, and get some interesting discussions going.

A lot of people are thinking about how well things were “back in the day.”

Question of the day:

Were things really better back in the day? / will the USA become a third world country in the next 10 years?