5 Reasons to listen to the Bill Carroll Show KFI 640 am

More stimulating talk radio – that is the tagline for KFI 640 am radio in Los Angeles, CA.

Move over Dr Laura and Bill Handel, there’s a new talk show host in town and his name is Bill Carroll.

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Bill Carroll joined KFI in February 2010 after working for nearly 20 years in broadcast and radio in Canada.  He was born in Scottland and moved with his family to Canada when he was around 10 years old.  After leaving high school he started working as news director for a radio station in New Liskeard, Ontario.  He did not attend journalism school nor did he have any prior experience so he bought journalism books and stayed up all night learning everything he could.  Bill is married to his wife Sylvie who, in his own words, is “smart, savvy, and breathtakingly beautiful.”  They have two kids Killian and Magalie, who are the loves of their life.

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5 Reasons to tune into the Bill Carroll Show weekdays 12pm – 3pm

5. The show has a great support staff

Chris Lane – not only does she have model good looks, she is a seasoned news reporter,  banters often with Bill and brings interesting insight and a different perspective to the show.  The other day she scooped the world when, hours before the news was released, she predicted  that Congressman Weiner’s wife Huma was pregnant.  It was funny because I was listening to the show when she made the prediction and thought well that’s interesting but I don’t think so. Crazy enough, before the show went off the air, there was breaking news that Huma was expecting.  Everyone on the air was laughing, giving her high fives, and  and joking about how talented she is that she can now deliver the news before it happens.

KFI News Reporter Chris Lane

Check out a post from Chris Lane’s Blog Why is California Broke

Brian Holt – Normally content to stay in the background, he will occasionally chime in when he has something to add to the mix.  Brian is openly gay, is obsessed with news, runs a tight ship, and brings a personal sensibility to the show. He also maintains The Bill Carroll Show blog.   You can tell from the posts that he is informed on the issues and has a humorous point of view.  I was very impressed with Brian when he was coordinating the segments about the Brian Stowe beating.  He took time to meet up with the Stowe family and went out of his way to to provide assistance while they were in Los Angeles caring for Brian S. in the hospital. I think Brian H is the brain behind Bill’s brawn.

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4. Professional and personal connections that provide insight you won’t get anywhere else

In his 20 years in the biz, Bill has made a lot of contacts. He doesn’t hesitate to invite them to the show because they provide a unique perspective and abundance of information that you won’t hear any where else. During the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Bill would frequently talk with a contact who was an expert in nuclear energy.  This consultant was advising the Japanese authorities who were managing the reactor crisis and giving Bills audience detailed information in real time.  The most important take away was that even though some of the reactors were in a state of melt down the situation was being controlled and no catastrophe would ensue.

3. Unrelenting passion for news and innate ability to get listeners to the heart of a story

If you are a news junkie I challenge you to find another radio show where you’ll get as much in depth discussion of trending local and national news.  His opinions on issues that are in the news tends to fall just right of center. Don’t try to put him in a box, however,  because many times his take on whats going on may surprise you.  With Bill it’s not political but it’s about what makes common sense.

A huge story in Los Angeles this spring was the savage beating of Brian Stowe on opening day of the LA Dodgers baseball season.  This story definitely had an impact on Bill and he covered the story in several segments each day for at least a month.  He didn’t just lament the tragedy and condemn the perpetrators.  He gave his audience insight into how the family was coping by talking with Brian’s mom on air and even went to the hospital on one occasion to see Brian.  His description the next day of Brian’s condition was very compelling.   He interviewed the neurosurgeon several times on air to get a first hand account of the extent of the injuries and Brian’s prognosis for the future.  It was made clear to the listeners that Brian had a long journey ahead of him and that is was likely he may never regain consciousness.  This was information that wasn’t really being conveyed anywhere else.

Giovanni Ramirez

The unusual police investigation underway in the Stowe case has also been a regular feature on the show.  The arrest of prime suspect Giovanni Ramirez has been intriguing due to its high profile nature and the fact that the case hasn’t been handled very well by top officials.  The defense lawyers for Ramirez (there are 4) have been making a case for his innocence through the media leading many people to wonder if the wrong guy was arrested.  Bill has been good about updating his listeners with all of the latest information, including regular interviews with a KFI news reporter who has sources inside the police department.  While the reporter has not divulged anything that would jeopardize the case, you are able to get a sense from the interviews that the police have additional evidence implicating Ramirez that they will bring forward after they have time to conduct a thorough investigation.

2. Going deep into a story to give listeners a different perspective

With time constraints and a high propensity for audience fatigue it is difficult for radio hosts to get too deep into stories. Bill manages not only to pick topics of discussion that are interesting but he gets deep enough to provide listeners with valuable information.  For example, in a segment about the Casey Anthony trial, Bill interviewed a body language expert to get perspective on evidence presented during the trial and Casey’s reaction to it. Bill asked the expert to explain, from her perspective, why Casey may have been crying when gruesome pictures of her daughter Caylee were being shown. The expert explained that she believed the crying was due to self pity and Casey coming to the realization that the evidence was very damaging to her case.

1. Gives the audience a unique point of view

Bill has a personality that you rarely see in radio.  He is passionate about what he does and comes across as brash at times but is not afraid to show his vulnerable side.  When his dad passed away a few months back, he conveyed how painful the experience was, why his dad was so special to him, and how difficult this time was for him.  For about a month he wasn’t able to talk about it but when he could he would relay to his listeners some of his memories and difficulties he was having coping. He shared his emotions in such a way that it was endearing and also talked about advice his wife gave him about tempering the grief so that he could be present and available for his young children.  Although he doesn’t do it often, some of his most compelling segments are when he talks about personal experiences and how he’s learned and grown as a person from them.  After listening to the show for a while you know that he is the real deal and that his point of view is coming from a place of honesty and integrity.

If you want to be informed, challenged, and learn about living well, tune in to the Bill Carroll Show.  Listen Live-> Here


14 thoughts on “5 Reasons to listen to the Bill Carroll Show KFI 640 am

  1. Thanks for your really kind words. Ever think about radio consulting? Those guys are never that nice or thorough.

  2. I listen to Bill every day, all three hours whenever possible. He’s smooth, professional and quick-witted. That’s a very good combo.

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  5. I take it you have never listened to his show. Or that you give it a pass for personal reasons (which is cool by me… I would support my bothers, too). I would go so far to even say that Brian Holt is the only good thing in for the show. But even Holt cannot save the show from the horrible host or change the fact that Carroll is boring, unintelligent, egotistical, uninspiring and in well over his head.

    Bill Carroll is easily the worst thing to come over the air from KFI in decades… and possibly ever. He spent his first year trying hard to appear like a local. Every time he opened his mouth he planted his foot firmly inside. He bounced from issue to issue, nothing taking hold.

    Carroll cannot hold his own on this show; he would probably shrivel up and disappear if he had to fill his full three hours by himself. Evidence his saccharine sidekick Lane. I thought News people were supposed to do the news and keep out of opining? Her vacillation between news, opinion and flat-out making things up I find confusing. Lane does not seem that bad with just her news hat on, but the pair up with Carroll brings her down. Her obvious intelligence makes the contrast to the unlettered and simpleminded Carroll so much more obvious. Unfortunately, the inane chit-chat is bringing HER down to his level… she needs to walk away and stay away from the happy-talk or people will think she is as witless as Carroll.

    Carroll continually proves himself to be uncultured on the air. He has little restrain when riffing, and his lack of taste and class bubbles to the surface. On more than one occasion he has verbally violent and disparaging to callers who might disagree with him. Carroll will hang up on callers, then shriek after them, calling them idiots and stupid.

    Carroll spends half his show promoting upcoming stories. The problem is that the stories never measure up to his hype. Carroll also spends a lot of time playing videos on YouTube… video, on radio. That’s smart programming. And for the longest time, Carroll seemed set on making his show the radio equivalent of the National Enquirer. Nothing was too salacious- or too loaded with estrogen- for Carroll to cover. to my uneducated mind, it seemed like the Carroll show was going after women big time. And that did not work, either.

    Then he got a bit of luck…

    The show did take a turn when Carroll hitched himself up to the Brian Stowe story. Carroll has been milking that ever since, desperately bringing it up every day as proof of his bone fides as a “real” Californian. It is very apparent he is trying hard to fit in as a local and hide his Canadian roots.

    But beyond this single story, Carroll is still very lost pretending to know anything about LA politics, geography, people or history. To be honest, he is pretty well lost discussing anything beyond the brief outlines he cribs from Google and WikiPedia. He continues to spew his ill-informed and vapid opinions about things he only knows superficially about, only to be corrected (on air) by the news staff at KFI or whatever expert he is interviewing.

    But Carroll’s biggest failing is his oversized ego. He cannot read (and screw up!) any story without adding some personal anecdote, one that never fails to confuse while it bores. If Carroll were somebody who had earned respect or was relevant or important in his field, maybe his insights would be worth something. But time and again, his acumen on any subject has proven lacking. But Carroll’s ego is so big he thinks anything that happens to him or his family has universal relevance. Trust me, it doesn’t. Nothing about Carroll is important enough for me to want to take any life lessons from his feeble observations.

    And please Carroll; your wife is not all that hot. Stop trying to play that card, none of us believe that one anymore.

    Bottom line, this show is handicapped by an flat, characterless and incompetent talent (and I use that term VERY loosely!). No matter how much work Holt has done, no matter how interesting a story may seem, Carroll kills it with poor delivery and inserting his ego. Note in the five points praising this show, not one was about the host being interesting… because the host does not recommend this show. We can hope KFI will get smart and get someone worthy of the staff on this show, but I would not hold my breath. Management has to know how bad Carroll is, it is plainly obvious to us as listeners. There is no good reason to listen to Bill Carroll, much less five. Sorry, Bill Carroll sucks.

    • But how do you really feel?

      Honestly thank you for commenting. We all have the right to our opinion. I do listen to the show often and I have a lot of respect for Bill. It’s not easy going on the air 3 hours a day. I appreciate him getting opinions from the news staff, they do it on some of the other shows also. I think he’s doing pretty well in the ratings and that’s all the management can ask for.

  6. Unfortunately, a good team cannot save a bad host.

    LA is a big city, and KFI is one of the biggest stations here. I think Bill Carroll is a bit too bush league for where he is at. Or maybe a whole lot. KFI was wrong to think they could fix him up with on the job training.

    He may be a good host… someday. But he is not yet. He puts on a face of outragiousness to gain some street cred, but it all looks like a put-on, not real. he tries to be contriversial at times, but he comes off the pretender. He is all over the Dodger beating thing, but sounds hollow…. and it reeks of desperation on Carroll’s part. He does not ring true, he sound more contrived and forced.

    I find him languid and trite, unprofessional and uninspired. The bill Carroll show is so flat and characterless it is just short of unlistenable… and that fault you can lay directly at the hosts feet. No, he is not ready for prime time. I do not think he is good enough for LA yet, much less KFI. Send him back to the minors!

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  8. I could not agree more with “Alex B” and “Glen”, this show is a wreck! I’ve given this show multiple tries over the last year and I just cannot stomach this guy. Listening to him is intolerable. Seeing that he has the noon slot between Rush Limbaugh and John & Ken, I thought that I had to be the only person who felt this way. After all, he appeared to be getting plenty of sponsership gigs (BBQ’s galore, etc). So, I did a little research and googled “Bill Carroll Ratings”. Sure enough, I ran into a couple items. Among this posting, was a blog site, where it was announced that Bill Carroll will be leaving Newstalk 1010 (CFRB) in his native Canada for KFI in LA. In the comment section of that blog, former listeners vented their disdain toward the former Toronto radio host, his style, rightous enlightened attitude, and infamous rants. Some of their complaints about him are identical to the complaints I see hear and on other sites like radioratingz.com. Bill Carroll would do himself a great favor to take some time, look into this, perhaps make some changes, and try not to come accross as such a pompous narcissist. He is no John and Ken. John and Ken actually know what they are talking about and have most of their facts straight. Until then, I’m tuning KFI off between the hours of 12-3pm.

  9. Love Bill Carroll, He is from Glasgow Scotland just like me. I could live without his assistant Chris Lane, she just copies what he says, she is and idiot.Keep up the good work Bill and get a new assistant.

  10. Bill is so predicable. You give me his topic for the day and I bet that I can write his exact script
    for that show. Handle is funny, John and Ken are entertaining, this guy is just a retread!

  11. I have been listening to Carroll for the past couple of weeks, catching about 30 min at different times of his show. What I have learned is that he is terrified his wife will dump him because she is so beautiful and he works wiith a news woman who likes or would like to jump younger guys and she thinks she is very beautiful also. Carroll is actually interesting to listen to at times. But come on dude, grow a pair and don’t dominate your show with chick talk because the only other thing to listen to is political hate talk on the left and right.

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