What’s Up Bill Carroll? – week 1

My most popular blog post to date was 5 reasons to listen to the Bill Carroll Show.  It was so popular that I decided to come up with a weekly format that I think you will enjoy.  I promise it will be SFW (Safe for work) and entertaining enough that you’ll want to check in every week to find out What’s up Bill.

Here is the first post.  Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your comments and any suggestions you have to make this even better.

One Great Segment (each week I select one segment that I think was great, or at least pretty darn good)

On Monday (June 20)  Bill talked about LA Mayor Villaraigosa’s appointment to the position of president of US Conference of Mayors. Thanks Bill, I was also surprised when I heard the news over the weekend.  My first thought was, really, how did this happen?  My second thought was, wow, the mayor is going to do even less for the city of Los Angeles, than he has in the past.  LA weekly had the same thought Click Here to find out what they have to say about the 11% Mayor and his new role.

Evidently this happened by accident, sort of.  When the previous president of the conference of mayors finishes their term they are replaced by the vice president.  The former president, Elizabeth Kautz, who hails from Burnsville, MN stepped down, allowing the mayor to advance to president.  Couldn’t she have held out for another year or two? Was the city of Burnsville in such dire straights that she had to step down to rescue it from the brink of disaster?  Is it too late for her to change her mind? Perhaps it’s a good thing, maybe the mayor will be so distracted that he will be the 0% percent mayor. Ok, still not great, that leaves the city council holding the reigns.

I must say the mayor’s acceptance speech was brilliant.  There were no cliches, no platitudes, and he definitely did not use the platform to bash fellow democrats, republicans, or the Bush administration. He also did not reference the media “circus” around “weinergate” and has no interest in a return to debating unemployment, the foreclosure rate, and infrastructure problems.  Pardon my sarcasm but I really think the mayor needs to hire a new speechwriter.  He also needs to stop calling for debates and start actually doing something.

My personal disappointment with Mayor Villaraigosa goes back to his first election. There were so many opportunities for him to make a name for himself and take real action on the issues that plagued Los Angeles.  Instead, the first thing he did was start plotting a run for governor, posed for lots of pictures, took free tickets for Lakers Games, and had an affair with a news reporter.  What was his vision for LA?  Can anyone list any accomplishments since he took office?

Look at the achievements of NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani or former Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley.? Each one completely turned their cities around while they were in office.  Chicago is known as the city that works.  It’s remarkable how clean it is, how many new parks there are, what a thriving small business environment has taken hold, and how much world wide respect the city has.  New York City is thriving as well, with a renewed Times Square, vibrant neighborhoods, concerts in Central Park, and the rebirth of Broadway. Sure these two mayors had their faults, shortcomings and critics but at least they had a personality, took action, worked with their constituents, and drove their vision home resulting in two world class cities.

I admit the economy has taken it’s toll on Los Angeles. That’s why it’s even more important to have a leader of the city with a vision and drive to make the city great. I’ll close with the following quote from the mayor’s acceptance speech.   “We don’t need another bridge to nowhere that connects ducks to geese.”  I am with you Bill, I have no idea what he was trying to say. Maybe some of your listeners have a clue and can enlighten us.

Caption This

Caption This - week of June 20

Each week I’ll post a picture from the Bill Carroll Page on the KFI am 640 website.  Go to Bill’s Page and check it out if you want a little more background.  Then dig deep into your right brain, create a hilarious caption, and jot it down in the comment section with a reference to the photo. I’ll include the best captions in next weeks post.

Bill Said What? (Some good stuff that Bill says)

When questioned about why he focuses so much time on the Brian Stowe case Bill said that it’s something that people can relate to and the entire incident humanizes this type of violence and the impact it has on families.  There are two kids who have had to grow up overnight and are essentially without a father on fathers day.  There is a mother who has to figure out how to care for a son who may never regain consciousness.  There is a gang banger (alleged), who, in seconds, changed the lives of this family for ever.

Shout Out

In each post  I will select one person who commented previously and feature that person in this weeks post (I’ll contact you via email) and give you or your business a brief bio.


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