What’s up Bill Carroll – Special Edition – John and Ken Charity Drive for Congressman Gatto

John And Ken Show

My most popular blog post to date was 5 reasons to listen to the Bill Carroll Show.  It was so popular that I decided to come up with a weekly format that I think you will enjoy.  I promise it will be SFW (Safe for work) and entertaining enough that you’ll want to check in every week to find out What’s up Bill.

This is a special edition post   Let me know what you think. I have to pre-empt the regularly scheduled blog for breaking news.  The John and Ken show took to the streets of Burbank to collect non-perishable goods to give to congressman Mike Gatto so he and his family wouldn’t starve as a result of the California State budget impass.

One Great Segment (each week I select one segment that I think was great, or at least pretty darn good)

Yesterday members of the California Assembly took to the airwaves, twitter, blogs and press releases to voice their displeasure with State Controller John Chang.  What did Mr Chang do that sent them all atwitter?  He followed the requirements in Prop 25 and Prop 58 that says the legislature must pass a balanced budget by June 15 or they will not receive paid until the budget is balanced.  I also, just learned that the legislatures will not receive back pay once the budget is resolved. That’s great news.

So I was in the car listening to Bill Carroll and at the end of his show he handed off to John and Ken, but they were on the phone, not in the studio. What the heck is going on here?  John came on the line and announced that they were in a top secret location and they could now divulge where they were.  They were camped out at 3rd St and Magnolia in Burbank, across the street from the office of Mike Gatto.  They asked their listeners to stop by and drop off canned food that they would collect for a couple hours and than they would hand it all over to Gatto or his staffers at the end of the segment (see pics of the event below).

For the first hour and half they stood and talked to listeners who stopped by to make donations.  Ken even made a donation of some things he was able to find in his cabinet at home, white kidney beans and low fat condensed milk.  One listener brought a bottle of flip flop wine.  Another listener that was leaving the state brought a can of dog food and a pooper scooper that the congressman could use to shovel all the B.S. he was throwing around.  Other items that were donated included a can of spam, canned weiners, toilet paper, ravioli, various types of soup, some baby wipes and I think there were even some toys and food for their 1 year old daughter.

Starting around 4:30 pm John and Ken tried to get inside the building to deliver the donated goods.  Unfortunately, there were two security guards who would not let either one of them get into the building.  John tried to convince one of them that tax paying constituents had a constitutional right to meet with their assemblymen. No luck.  They tried to get a volunteer who was passing by to get into the building and deliver the goods but no luck there either.  At one point they had a small crowd and started singing God Bless America but still no luck.  As they were about to end the segment a lady who had corresponded previously with Congressman Gatto came by and asked if she could deliver some materials to him and still no luck.

As the segment ended and the show was turned over to Obama for his “We’re Leaving Afghanistan” speech John promised that they would continue to collect donations and make a way to get them delivered.

I love it when they do stuff like this. It points out the hypocrisy of our elected officials.  Almost all of the democrats and probably a handful of the republicans supported Prop 25 when it was on the ballot last year.  Now that they have to live up to the requirements, some are screaming bloody murder.  It’s easy for them to take money from all of us but when it hits them in the gut, they can’t take it.  I’d be happy to see this budget thing draw out for months so they can see how the rest of the world lives.

Caption This

Each week I’ll post a picture from the Bill Carroll Page on the KFI am 640 website.  Go to Bill’s Page and check it out if you want a little more background.  Then dig deep into your right brain, create a hilarious caption, and jot it down in the comment section with a reference to the photo. I’ll include the best captions in next weeks post. Note this picture is from John and Ken’s website. 

Caption This

Bill Said What? (Some good stuff that Bill says)

Sitting in for Bill Carroll for this blog post are a few brilliant words from the John and Ken show. In talking to the security guard John said I’m a uniter not a divider.  He convinced the crowd to sing God Bless America to show that Americans have a right to enter public property to make a donation for their representative.

Later in the show John called Mike Gatto an arrogant petulant little kid who should make good use of the baby wipes that were donated by listeners.  There were so many gems that came out of John’s mouth during this whole event that it’s too bad I can’t remember more.

Shout Out

In each post  I will select one person who commented previously and feature that person in this weeks post (I’ll contact you via email) and give you or your business a brief bio.


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