What’s up With Bill? – Week 2

My most popular blog post to date was 5 reasons to listen to the Bill Carroll Show.  It was so popular that I decided to come up with a weekly format that I think you will enjoy.  I promise it will be SFW (Safe for work) and entertaining enough that you’ll want to check in every week to find out What’s up Bill.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your comments and any suggestions you have to make this even better.

One Great Segment (each week I select one segment that I think was great, or at least pretty darn good)

Brian Stow

Today Bill had a great segment where he interviewed Matt Lee. Matt is a friend of Brian Stow and was with Brian when he was beaten at the opening night of the Dodgers/ Giants game.  A few interesting things came out of the interview and some questions I had were answered.

1. Matt agreed that Brian did make a comment about Dodger Dogs and that he’d rather eat feces while they were in the stands at the game.  The statement was made by Brian to his friends and he was not disparaging the Dodgers or the fans. The Dodger fan in the video overheard the comment and confronted Brian as he was seated. This confrontation was captured on video (click here to see it).

2. Matt confirmed that all of the events of the evening leading up to the beating were discussed with the police including the confrontation in the stands. Matt stated that the person who confronted Brian in the stands was definitely not the same person who was involved in the beating in the parking lot after the game.

3. Bill asked Matt to describe what happened in the parking lot.  Matt said that as they were leaving the game, the three of them were about 10 feet apart from each other and he was a little bit ahead of Brian when they were ambushed from behind.  The confrontation with Brian lasted about 10 seconds.  There were two people involved and both Matt and Brian were attacked by the same person.  Matt did get a good look at the guy and believes he could identify him again. He had to be very careful about what he said during the interview with Bill because the investigation is still underway and he doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the case.

4. Matt also got a good look at the second suspect and believes he can identify him as well.  He did not see the woman believed to be driving the getaway car.

Caption This

Caption This - Week of June 27

Each week I’ll post a picture from the Bill Carroll Page on the KFI am 640 website.  Go to Bill’s Page and check it out if you want a little more background.  Then dig deep into your right brain, create a hilarious caption, and jot it down in the comment section with a reference to the photo. I’ll include the best captions in next weeks post.

Bill Said What? (Some good stuff that comes out of Bill’s mouth)

I refuse to believe the world is coming to this.  Have you seen the “Reborn Dolls” that can cost as much as $12,000? This is a cry for help by these women.  My mother collects dolls, which I find creepy but she doesn’t carry them around.  That’s for the Llasso Apso.

They even come with one of a kind birthmarks.  They put each eyelash in one at a time.  Some are made to look like Premies and are delivered with an incubator and an IV.  Who needs a doll like that? Get a hobby.

They’ll even recreate one that resembles what your daughter looked like.  You can take your breast out in a restaurant and pretend to breastfeed it!!

Brian chimed in that he has a neighbor who dresses their cats up and walks them in a stroller.  He tries to be nice to the neighbor but he and his partner can’t help but run back in the house and heave a big sigh when they see her.

Can we commit these people to the looney bin, please???

Noone is going to call and say this is ok.  800-520-1KFI.  The crazy people are out there they are just not listening to this program.

A lot of this stuff is happening in the virtual world. In Japan they have a lot of this. Here is an article where a woman is charged in Japan for killing off her husbands virtual girlfriend. You can go on 2nd life.com. Kids can adopt virtual pets on clubpenguin.com.   I find it hard to believe that women actually do this.  You have crossed the line when you go to the grocery store and take your fake baby.

Other than I’m totally confused about the state of the world right now, I’m ok.  A caller worked at a restaurant where a couple would come in with 2 teddy bears dressed up differently every time.  They ordered a table for 4 and dinner for the bears.  They would even put the food up to their mouths before eating it themselves.

Shout Out

In each post  I will select one person who commented previously and feature that person in this weeks post (I’ll contact you via email) and give you or your business a brief bio.


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