Gay of the Day – Douglas Quint – June 29

Gay of the Day is a daily blog post that features gay people who are living a Fierce Life.  This post will feature both celebrities and ordinary folks that I admire for their contribution to the human and or animal kingdom.

Today’s Gay of the Day is Douglas Quint

Brief Bio:

Doug is originally from the state of  Main and now lives with his partner Bryan Petroff in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, NY.  He has lived in NYC for a little over 20 years and though he loves it he’s had his fair share of gross NY moments.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur he was a musician and his favorite instrument is the bassoon. Brian still tries to dedicate time to his music but I have a feeling that he can’t play as much as he’d like to right now.

Doug is a classically trained bassoonist and holds degrees from Julliard and The Manhattan School of Music. He has performed with many orchestras including Boston Pops,  the Brooklyn Philharmonic, and the Chamber Music Society of the Lincoln Center. He has also travelled the world working with Bryan Adams, Bono, and Quincy Jones.

He was almost an instant hit when he started his business “The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck” in June 2009. It took off quickly thanks to twitter and a lot of innovation on Doug’s part.



Before he started driving the truck around the city of New York, he had absolutely no clue about the food business.  He got the idea to start an ice cream truck from a friend who had done it for a  few years and he was a bit jealous.  He decided that he would own the fact that he was a middle aged gay guy driving an ice cream truck so he came up with the idea of “The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.”   He took to twitter to let people know where he’d be every day and very quickly gained a large following.

In the short time that he has been delivering Ice Cream in Gotham City, he has really made a name for himself.  He has been featured in articles in Food and Wine Magazine, Vogue Living, The Huffington Post, and the New York Times among others.  He has been recognized as a top food truck by Serious Eats NY, Klout, Men’s Health and Gourmet Magazine. He is a Fierce Force to be reckoned with in The Big Apple.

His menu features such items as “The Salty Pimp,” “The Bea Arthur,” “The Mermaid,” and “The Monday Sundae.” How does he come up with these flavors? He’s not above stealing ideas from others and his other half has a great knack for flavors and remembering things. He has a wide array of toppings that include Nutella, Cardemom, Cayenne Pepper, and Wasabi Pea Dust.

Doug has done so well with the business that he is opening “The Big Gay Ice Cream Store” on East 7th St.  There is no firm date to open yet but it will probably be in mid July, just in time to really beat the heat.  My only problem with Doug is that he doesn’t have a store in Los Angeles.


Great Interview in The Gothamist

Store Opening Info

Big Gay Ice Cream Website    Follow Doug on twitter @biggayicecream


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