A Google Plus – Scoop It Mashup

What Google+ Means For Your Business | Insight into Google+ | Scoop.it

I’m not always an early adopter to new technology or social media but I definitely wanted to be among the first group of users to surf the Google Plus wave. Kudos to Andres Duque for sending me a Gvite and allowing me to be a Beta Tester. There is so much I love about it but I’ll blog about my personal experience at a later time.

Another opportunity to Beta Test a new website fell into my lap over the weekend when I discovered Scoop it. “Scoop It” is a site that allows users a way to curate any content they find on the web and publish it for all to see.  It is very easy to use, edit, and post. I don’t think it can be easily embedded into a WordPress blog but I’v provided a link below.

I found some really great blog posts discussing the benefits and a few negatives of  Google +.  My plan was to gather up all of the links and drop them at the end of this post when I came across the Scoop It site. As I was exploring  it dawned on me that this would be a great format to present my G+ findings.  Check it out here—-> Google+ on Scoop it.  Note: once you move over to the “Scoop it” site go ahead and click on any of the articles that you are interested in viewing (it’s not just a pretty picture). 

Are you ready to jump into Google Plus? Take the poll below and see how others feel.


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