One Very Self Indulgent Post

I have been experimenting with a new website called Scoop It. It’s an intriguing site because it allows you to “Curate” from various websites. place them onto a grid in any order you desire, and publish what you have compiled.  A wonderful self indulgent thought came to mind “What if I curated my own blog site?” So I did and you can see it by clicking Jim’s best Blogs here.

What I like best about “Scoop It” is that it is so easy to use. You simply visit a website, Scoop It, and it’s immediately compiled into the specific blog you are working on. You can curate as many or as few sites as you wish.

I am sure there are many uses for Scoop It beyond the obvious. One that comes to mind immediately is to use it while conducting research on the web. Instead of bookmarking multiple sites you can scoop them into one place and have them click ready whenever you need them.  What do you think are some other uses?

As I was perusing “Scoop It” curated sites I found a couple that I wanted to high-lite. Here’s one curated by Neelima Sinha that features some great food (I’m thinking about what’s inside the refrigerator as I read through the blog posts). Here’s another one that has some very interesting fashion photography.  I hope you enjoyed my brief slide into self indulgence and consider curating your own favorite websites with “Scoop It”


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