5 reasons to participate in twitter chats

1. Find a cure for cancer

2. End world hunger

3. Resolve the budget deficit

4. End terrorism

5. Stop climate change

Ok I may be a stretching it a bit, but think of the possibilities if the right people were involved.

While none of the chats that I have been involved in have taken on such meaty subjects, I must say they are a fascinating to be a part of and I always take away something of value when I join in. My personal favorites are #LeadershipChat, #Tweetdiner, #Blogchat, and #GetRealChat. For a comprehensive list of chats and their scheduled days and times click here.

What I think is the greatest advantage to participating in a twitter chat is you get immediate feedback. Unlike putting a tweet out there that goes into a black hole never to be heard about or retweeted again (unless perhaps your name is Guy Kawasaki or Chris Pirillo) you get immediate feedback and a whole lot of RT love too.

In every twitter chat that I’ve participated in there is a real sense of community. A lot of the tweeters are regulars and it is great to see a familiar face pop up in your twitter stream. This morning when I opened up my Google+ account I saw the image below pop up twice. I am shamelessly stealing it and adding it here because I think it is a great representation of the community vibe that I have encountered in all of the twitter chats I have jumped into. Note: since I “stealt it” I feel obliged to give shout out to the originators so please click here to learn more about Edelman Digital

Last night in the tweetdiner one of the main topics of discussion was Google+ and the impact it would have on twitter. Ok we didn’t save the enviroment but it was a lot of fun and it was great to hear a variety of viewpoints from everyday twitter users. The opinions ranged from “twitter may be in serious trouble” to “it’s not likely to have much impact at all.”  Many of us thought that Facebook will feel a lot of heat and all SM needs to have their guard up because Google+ is packing heat.

So what can you expect to get out of twitter chats?

1. Make real twitter connections – I have personally made many connections that I communicate with on a regular basis. They are always responsive when I have questions or just need some feedback on something I am pondering. I think sometimes we forget that one of the main objectives of twitter or any other social media platform is to interact with others and when you hook up with a twitter chat you get it in spades.

2. Get immediate feedback on your questions – The twitter chat environment is fast and furious, however, if you have a question while everyone is enthralled in conversation, ask, be patient and don’t be afraid to ask again multiple times until you get an answer. You will get a response from somebody in the group and you can connect with them later to go into more detail if you wish.

3. Give advice to others and gain followers– If you are someone with expertise on a subject it is a great place to get the word out. Most people enter into a chat to not only socialize but to learn from others as well. If you have useful advice that you have been dying to tell anyone that will listen, a twitter chat is the place for you. If you have something to offer that others find useful, you will surely gain more followers which could ultimately lead to more business if that is your ultimate goal.

4. Get some great ideas – Believe it or not I received great advice for making fried chicken from #Leadershipchat.  The topic of dinner came up during the chat and I mentioned that I made fried chicken for the first time and it didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped. After the meeting was over one of the participants tweeted me with some tips and we ended up tweeting back and forth for at least 15 minutes. It was the first time I had ever engaged with this person and now I feel as if I could fry up some mean chicken thanks to the great advice I received.

5. Meet a few people with influence – Guy Kawasaki was a guest on one of the recent #Leadership chats and he and I actually tweeted a bit after the meeting was over. It made my day because I never thought in a million years I would have the opportunity to do so. You know what? He’s a regular guy and he puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

Here is a link to the list of tweet chats one last time. Go forth and find one that sounds interesting and jump in. Who knows you just may meet one of your idols or you may be the spark in a revolution that changes the world.  Why not?

Oh and when I go to tweetdiner I like to bring gifts. Look what I brought last night: http://www.scoop.it/t/dessert-buffet

You can find me on twitter @fiercliving


4 thoughts on “5 reasons to participate in twitter chats

  1. Jim, thank you for this information. I have been using twitter for quite awhile, but I wasn’t aware of this facet of the service! I am going to look into it immediately. I am going to check into the #blogchat specifically, & hopefully learn how to make my blog better. If I’m going to be a blogger, I want to be a good one! 🙂 Thanks again, ^MM


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