Hangout with Mark Hoppus from Blink 182

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For those of you who don’t know, Mark Hoppus is bass guitarist and one of the lead vocalist for Blink 182. He is also a member of Google+ and just had a short hangout that was public, open to any fan who happened to notice and was quick enough to join in. He only hung out for a few minutes and I didn’t have a chance to join in but I am really glad that he did this.
Hangouts are an awesome feature on Google + and one that I hope more celebrities and Social Media A-listers will take advantage of.  Actually I challenge you A-listers and Celebs to use Google + as a way to interact with the fans who support you and helped you achieve the status you have today.
Let me count the ways you can do this on Google+
1. Once a week or every two weeks, randomly have a hangout that is open to everyone for 10- 20 minutes. You can talk about your latest project, open up the hangout for Q an A, or structure it however best suits you.
2. Randomly post comments in one of your followers G+ stream. I see hundreds of comments posted into your streams why not return the favor and post a comment into one of their streams?
3. Create a post where you will offer something to the first 10 commenters. Maybe you could set up a hangout with them or send them a copy of your book or a personal email. You could do the same but randomly select 5 or 10 people who have commented on a post.
4. You could select people that comment on a regular basis and create a post giving them a shout out.  Think of the followers they would gain just because you took a moment to recognize them. Heck you could even add them to one of your circles.
I am sure there a lot of creative ideas you superstars could come up with to pay it forward to your fans. Google + is the platform  to make it happen. Who will take me up on this challenge?
p.s. Look who else I just caught hanging out:
Bradley Horowitz  –  12:33 PM (edited 12:35 PM)  –


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