What’s your Comment

This post is going to be a bit odd but humor me, ok? I want your comments.

That’s it basically. My goal is to get at least 100 comments from readers about anything that comes to mind in this post. Bloggers love to get comments and I am no exception. I have only been blogging a short time and I haven’t really amassed any kind of real following yet so I don’t really receive too many comments. I was looking through my twitter timeline this morning and came across a blog that I didn’t think was all that great, yet there were 60 plus comments. So, I thought, I can get that many comments or more. Just set a goal and go for it.

You can comment on anything you’d like. It could be the weather or it could be the great food you ate last night. Just keep it clean please. After I have collected 100 comments I will post a new blog to discuss how long it took, what variety of comments I received, and highlight any that are especially intriguing.

For inspiration, if you need it, please consider the following:

  • How hot is it where you live?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • Any thoughts on the economy?
  • What do you do first thing in the morning?
  • What kind of work do you excel at?
  • What would you rather be doing right now?
  • What did you do on your vacation?
  • What inspires you?
  • True or False?
  • Google Plus thoughts.
  • Dog or cat lover?
  • Life
  • Ipad2
  • iphone5
  • Who cares?
  • 10 great ideas.
  • Your favorite blogger and why.

Ready, set, go!


77 thoughts on “What’s your Comment

  1. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to come up with a sensible and interesting comment when cold-prompted. It’s like when someone asks you to tell a joke or be funny. Unfortunately for most, it doesn’t usually work that way.

    • I know. I thought about that and that’s why I added the inspiration tips. It’s part of my plan to see what kind of comments I generate and how difficult or easy it would be to get comments. Thanks for being number 1!!! Oh and my replies don’t count towards the final number

  2. Saw your post via Empire Avenue.

    1) It’s 77 degrees here
    2) Sashimi is my favorite food
    3) Economy will stay down for a while
    4) The first thing I do in the morning is to check to see if I have a headache
    5) At work, I excel at not working
    6) I would rather be sleeping right now
    7) I don’t remember when was my previous vacation
    8) Money inspires me
    9) True
    10) G+ will be THE threat to Twitter and Facebook, and it is awesome!
    11) Neither. But if I have to pick one, it would be a dog.
    12) Life… is short. Too short.
    13) Ipad2.. a waste of money. Spend the money on a real laptop instead. Mac or not.
    14) Iphone5.. will be a hit regardless of the spec. There are too many ‘Followers’ out there.
    15) IRS cares
    16) All 10 have been taken/implemented
    17) Fred Wilson and Maoxian are my favorite Blogger

  3. Hi Jim,

    I’m also quite new blogging and have the same, let’s say, problem as you… it’s not easy to get comments in posts but maybe we could create a hastag like #letscomment or create a list in Twitter to join us and exchange comments in our blogs

  4. Hey Jim, If nothing else, this is kinda fun! Right now I’m sitting here waiting for the baseball game to come on, huge #Tigers fan! But mostly I’ve been missing my daughter, she’s been away this summer with her grandma, going on 3 weeks now, I am truly lost without her. But she’s having a great time and that’s what really matters 🙂 Okay, that’s what’s on my mind….Good luck on your quest! Cheers! John

  5. How hot is it where you live? 20 degrees celsius at the moment.
    Any thoughts on the economy? I find it hard to think about poverty when news reporters are interviewing people who quack about poverty whilst loading their groceries in their Ford SUVs…..
    What do you do first thing in the morning? Stand up
    What kind of work do you excel at? I guess writing.
    What would you rather be doing right now? Having breakfast. Waiting for the food!
    What did you do on your vacation? Ummm, what are vacations?
    What inspires you? Great photos, great stories
    True or False? True
    Google Plus thoughts. Needs more bump
    Dog or cat lover? Both
    Life > 42
    Ipad2 > Oooooh, I wonder when I could buy something like that
    iphone5 > Oooooh, I wonder when I could buy something like that
    Who cares? > Me
    10 great ideas. > I’ve run out.
    Your favorite blogger and why.> Margie Clayman, she turns serious boring stuff into stories!

  6. I guess my comment for today is just this: stop worrying about what the politicians are doing, and do something in your own life to move toward a lifestyle of greater self-sufficiency, so that you’re not so dependent on the government to maintain your lifestyle. But then again, that’s my message pretty much every day. Be safe out there! ^MM

  7. Just killed a sheep Jim. It’s hot, I’m fasting, but the new baby demanded a death. Now, I’m going to go wash the blood off my face but not swallow any of the water while I take a shower.

    • Just to clarify you and your wife are proud parents of brand new beautiful baby girl and it’s your religious belief that you sacrifice a lamb. What a unique comment Vago…one that will probably spur some more I hope.

  8. Hi Jim,

    here we go, my favorite blog site now is 12most.com you ask why ? simply coz i found variety of great post from different industry and community of the people is simply great. Is not just a blog but as well great place to engage.

  9. would you rather have 100 “85 in tampa” responses or 15 deeper comments that cause you to come up with 10 new blog post ideas?

  10. OK, I’ll play:

    How hot is it where you live? Quite, about 88 with head index of 96.
    What is your favorite food? Usually, whatever I’m eating at the moment…
    Any thoughts on the economy? So wait, the deficit that we incurred during our current leader’s predecessor is his problem? Huh?
    What do you do first thing in the morning? Um…wake up?
    What kind of work do you excel at? If it involves relationships, I’m good to go.
    What would you rather be doing right now? Right now, nothing: I believe in being fully engaged and in the moment.
    What did you do on your vacation? I haven’t taken on for a while, but the last one was a trip to DC. A lotta fun!
    What inspires you? People. The simple day to day decentness and kindness I encounter each day.
    True or False? Yes…but situation-dependent
    Google Plus thoughts.Love it & hope it leads directly to the end of FB.
    Dog or cat lover? Cats, all the way.
    iphone5See above
    Who cares?Usually, me.
    10 great ideas.I wish I had one!
    Your favorite blogger and why.Right now, I’m going with @AvidCareerist, who writes a terrific career management blog.

    • Ed thank you so much for participating in my experiment. I have received so many positive comments and met so many people like yourself who are willing to help me out that I have already succeeded in this endeavor. I love that what you said about who inspires you and I will have to check out your favorite blogger.

  11. Jim,

    What a great idea! You’re definitely a positive engager and I’m engaging for fun and for my friend!

    LPops Trivia
    FUN FACT: Rode in and drove the GoodYear Blimp
    Weather in NC: 98
    Food: Sushi
    Economy: Messed up
    Mornings: Coffee, Devotions, Journaling, Exercising – in that order
    Excel: I love people and therefore, anything relational: gatherings, meetings, talks, speeches, collaborating
    Rather be doing: On a vacation with my family on a beach with mountains, Costa Rica
    Vacation: What vacation?
    Inspiration: My family, people who are often underestimated in their strengths; diamonds in the rough.
    True or False: I hold to true.
    Google +: Don’t have an account
    Dogs – I like to run, wrestle & play.
    Life: I love it!
    IPad: N/a
    IPhone: Blackberry
    Who cares?: Depends
    10 Great Ideas: Spend less. Live More. Love More. Love yourself. Accept Yourself. Forgive quickly. Thank more. Sit down a write a letter to someone. Have frequent dates with your spouse.
    Have frequent dates with your kids.
    Favorite Blogger: I have several I follow, depends on my mood. What words I want to chew on. I look to those who challenge in their articles, make me think.

    I hope you meet your goal!
    I’ll be back to visit!

    • Wow Laurie thank you so much for participating. It’s obvious you have a great outlook on life and you are living it to the fullest. I love your 10 great ideas. If everyone put them into action our world would be so much better. I will meet my goal through determination, innovation, creativity and a little brute strength 🙂

    • Thank you Marcy. Your comment is much appreciated and I thoroughly enjoyed #blogchat even though it moves at 100 mph and it’s difficult to get a word in.

  12. well.. I dont think that having 100 comments would be a tough job for this as I loved the idea and the mode of asking for more engagement . Just a suggestion, you can try adding Disqus for the commenting system to get more contributors

    • Thanks it’s actually been quite a mild summer in SoCal. At night it cools off nicely. Oh and I will definitely Quid Pro Quo right now!!

  13. This is a cool way of trying to get comments. I’ll sometimes do a similar thing and I refer to it as “delurking day” or something like that. Sometimes you have to go to different methods to get the lurkers to actually say something.

    I’ll look forward to seeing how long it will have taken to reach 100!

  14. Hello! I’m responding to your post this morning on Empire Avenue. I’m KMCDADE over there.

    I think the best way to get comments on a regular basis is to write passionately. That’s when I get the most comments and the most views.

  15. This is definately a concept you have started here and as a fellow (albeit recent) blogger I will naturally help you to achieve the 100 posts 🙂 I am currently working on a post regarding charities and how popular/effective they are in Briton with respect to other countries. As to the other questions, well, I dont really want to scroll up and down but I will leave my two cents here 🙂
    Also, rest assured that I will subscribe to your blog to see how you progress 😉
    Good luck!

  16. Hi Jim,

    I followed your EA link to this post last week and after reading it, I decided not to comment. Your follow-up link brought me back, so I’ll tell you why I didn’t comment the last time.

    As a blogger of a couple of years, I know how difficult it can be to grow a following. It’s even more difficult to become a blog that receives lots of comments, so your attempt to rack up 100 comments in this artificial way struck me as a stunt. Achieving the goal will bring you no closer to building a following. Sure, you may end up with more comments than the blog post that wasn’t “all that great” but I’m not sure what that gets you.

    I don’t think that contest, give-a-ways, gimmicks, and posts like these are what blogging is all about. My blog has 124 posts since I started in 2009 and I’ve approached each one with the thought that it should stand on its own, since we don’t know which post a visitor will first encounter. From that perspective, is this the post that you would want visitors to use to assess your blog?

    Good luck to you and your drive to 100.


    • Hi Ray and thank you for your comment. I understand your concern about this being a stunt. I look it at as more of an experiment and a growth opportunity. The idea just sort of came to me and I thought what the heck, why not give it a shot, what do I have to lose? What I hope that others who come across my blog get out of this is that they encounter some real interesting people that have a lot to say. I agree with you regarding contests and give aways. I thought since people on EA are incentivized when you offer to invest in them it may be a way to get people to visit my site and write a comment.

      Again thanks for taking time and participating. I hope you’ll come back and visit periodically and see some awesome comments that were left here.

      • Hi Jim,

        You’re welcome. Now that I’ve participated, I’m interested in the outcome, so I’ve already subscribed to comments. Also, I forgot about your share buy offer, so that wasn’t an incentive for me.

        At the current pace, another reminder or two on EA should get you over the top. 🙂


  17. I will say that this is a pretty cool experiment. I have often wondered myself, “Why do crappy blogs always get such good comments?” Well, I guess I should rephrase that as crappy commercial blogs. What is it about a particular site that makes people want to share their opinion on it, while many other, often better sites rarely do? I don’t have an answer to you the question; if I did, I’d probably have the most popular blog on the web! See ya on G+

  18. I don’t blog. I know that sounds funny, because here I am, commenting on yours. I’ve often wanted to start one, not so much to get others’ attention, but a way to chronicle for myself things going on in my world or my observations. Mostly, a journal for myself to revisit years later- that’s what I’d want a blog to be. But, a well written, passionate blog is a beautiful thing.

  19.  Where I live is a cool 73 deg. – but you probably meant outside, right?
     I’m a meat and potatoes guy but lately I’ve had a serious Mike & Ike addiction.
     I’m a tad freaked by economic implications. I embarrassingly admit I’ve bought a few extra bags of rice and beans, just in case. But it’s tough to be unemployed and preparing for a worst-case scenario – so it’s a minor obsession at best.
     I call my mom each morning. The parents get up with the roosters and it’s the best time to call.
     I am driven to excel at whatever career I am in. If I don’t know it and should, I’ll beat myself up work at it until I do. So far, it has served me well and I expect it will in the future also.
     I feel that I’m always doing exactly what I was meant to be doing at the time. But if I had to choose something different, I would rather be at the lottery office cashing in a huge winning ticket.
     Last vacation was a weekend cabin rental in the mountains with good friends. It was a great time of fun and bonding with people I couldn’t imagine life without in the most open and non-judgmental atmosphere one could imagine.
     I’m inspired by ‘positivity’. It is so easy for people to cling to the negative and I choose not to do so.
     True or False? Somewhere in between usually. I’ve adopted a yin/yang symbol lately to remind myself that even though things may seem bad, there are good opportunities that might not have been taken otherwise.
     With so few real-life friends on G+, I’m enjoying the interaction with strangers like yourself.
     Have three dogs: two Boston Terriers (Knickknack and Paddywhack) and a pound puppy Spitz (Willow)
     Life!! Oh the unexpected twists and turns. Deal with them. Embrace them.
     iAnything – Please. No. Not if having them requires you to be brainwashed about them.
     I care. Recently had a cousin I don’t see often post that her life was boring and that no one wanted to hear about it. My response was that by reason of her being a part of my past she is part of who I am in the present.
     If I had 10 ‘great’ ideas, I probably wouldn’t have the time to be replying to this post.
     Lastly, there’s a gal in CA I ‘met’ when I was blogging. She’s real. She’s funny. She’s sensitive.

    • HI Doug, I love your comment from the heart and filled with lots of soul. Please feel free to contact me any time in G+ to chat. It’s really what social is all about. I am really glad now that I did this little experiment because I am coming across some real and brilliant people.

  20. Hi Jim,
    Congratulations on this initiative.
    This morning I look at the financial markets and I suspect that there will be major changes over the next decade will affect our living conditions. Indeed, we live probably beyond our means for decades.


    (I’ve seen on EA, my ticker: CALL)

  21. Its frequently triple digits In the blazing scorching sun soaked valley an hour northeast of Los Angeles. I find relief in a nice col slice of cheesecake. Which is harder and harder to come by in as I must take cost saving measures to survive in this economy. I recently started riding the Bus to work and am soliciting donation towards my college fund ( educateben.com ). After I grab my cup of coffee and check my email I get cracking on my online work as a part time manager for a local social media firm. I excel in building value within an online community (ilivetoday.com) and coaching business owners on how to have a relevant presence in the ever changing world of social media. Truth be told I’d rather be sitting on the beach soaking in the sun, or vacationing and exploring new places, with my favorite girl who inspires me! It’s True

    Glad I came across this invitation in Google Plus and had a chance to write this blog, since my last blog was about my cute puppy who just got a haircut! ( http://indiefilmben.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/brand-new-puppy/ ) Ah the Life of a puppy! I could complain about not having an ipad or iphone, but who cares when you got love! Wish I had 10 great ideas but its time to get back to work…. oh yeah and my favorite bloggger: http://2buttonswag.wordpress.com

    • Hey Ben thanks for the comment. I live not too far from you but I think it’s a bit cooler down this way. I will check out your dog haircut blog. As an owner of several Pomeranians I know how challenging that can be 🙂 Enjoy your day and I have some ideas for you on your job hunt in the SFV and will discuss with you on G+

  22. What an interesting idea! Reminds me a bit of Peter Elbow’s Freewriting exercise that I used to make my students do. I’d tell them that their prompt was to write for ten minutes about anything that came into their minds, especially when we were warming up to do an actual writing activity in class. Some people don’t leave comments because they can’t think of anything that they believe to be worthy of contribution. If they talk it out, though, they just might get to that point. Good luck!

    • Good morning Renee and thanks for playing along. I like your idea of talking it through. I’ll have to do that next time I want to comment on somebody’s blog.

  23. hey atleast its better than trolling for comments, right? its hot as hell here, the economy is collapsing and the whole world is going to shit into a hand-basket into anarcho-primitism at the rise of multi-national power structures in 2022…

    BUT how am i doing? well. recently married to my wife and trying to keep my shit straight. trying to study the beautiful and strange things in life, seeking truth honestly as a jeremiah 29:13 kind of guy… thats about it though.

    10 great ideas.

    1. 1gallon or 2 liter self-filtrated glass birkey systems- basically get water from any source, it distills naturally through the entrance of the glass and it can be contained forever without CFC problems

    2. collapseable LED hoops and BAMMOO hoops – http://www.facebook.com/austinhulahoops

    3. nonrelectable politicians or confederate elections – in the united states of the confederacy presidents would of been elected for 6 years then unable to re-elect and the main purpose of the president is to remove other people from office, to “change it up”. having

    4. mirror neurons use in social media – how is our neuroplasticity effected over time by image based inuitive right brained analysis. we need a series of FMRI’s

    5. 2gocars – we have them in austin they are SMART CARS you pay for by the minute and you use a card to pay for it.

    6. SOLAR LED single-hangeable lightbults — these have already been invented

    7. the unveiling of post-capitalism, or atleast the PRESSURE point in history

    8. videocam babysitting – babysitters using interactive things like FLIP to record their time with babies to present footage to parents everyday transparent baby sitting

    9. straw hats for homeless dudes made of hemp

    10. global repudation of DEBT

    • Awesome comment Switch and some pretty good ideas to boot. Congrats on the recent marriage and I wish you many many years of happiness and bliss.

  24. My comment is both well-thought out and meaningful. It’s well-thought out because I thought it out well before I wrote it. It’s meaningful because every word has distinct, precise meaning. Finally, thanks to the set theory principle of intersection, being well-thought and being meaningful makes it well thought and meaningful.


  25. I’ll play,

    Debra Leitl – Mentor In Residence at http://ementormarketing.com

    I am reading and clicking through the previous #blogchat transcript, and saw your tweet about your post.

    I have a 1 year old blog where I provide valuable posts multiple times per week covering many aspects of online marketing. I offer free advice, which earns me credibility to apply towards lead generation for my paid services.

    I find that sparking a conversation on a commercial blog post increasingly difficult. Maybe it is a lack of passion involved? I have dynamic conversations on foody blogs, or on creative writing blogs, that go on for weeks, but It is not happening on commercial blogs that I frequent as often.

    Technical Stop Points:
    The vast sea of comment and discussion engines on websites and blogs today are also something to consider. A reader of your brill-unny blog post may want to comment or praise your wit, but are derailed by the need to register yet again, or decipher one of the buzzillion and one anti-spam, alpha-numeric, illegible, blurry, MiXed-ca$e, make sure you are a human checkpoint systems. When possible follow the KISS rule.

    I had my blog’s comments free range for 6 months but the nasty, bot-injected, offensive content made me install an anti-spam feature. My system only requires entering a 4 number string, and the few comments I have had did not see it as unsurmountable.

    PS I love the dual check boxes here for the follow up comments and the new post notification.
    Can you make them pop more to stand out in your template?

    PPS I have 3 LARGE white dogs, they match the White couch.

    Live Fierce

    • Hey Debra,

      Thanks for playing. I can imagine it would be difficult to get comments on a commercial site unless the comments were left related to product or service issues. Those comments would probably not be very pleasant. I use wordpress.com for my blog and am not self hosted yet. I wanted to learn more about blogging before I tried to self host.

      I don’t think I can change the dual check boxes. Perhaps if I knew hot to use HTML to make changes but I’m not that sophisticated. Glad to hear your 3 big dogs are the same color of the couch. It would be super difficult to keep it clean otherwise.

  26. Ok, I am inspired by you asking people to comment and getting 75+ comments I have a new blog with 0 comments. I tell myself it is because I have only posted a few things but I think I must also ask for what I want.
    2. Google+ is great. That is where I saw your work/photography and I clicked onto your link and Voila. Here I am. I want to be added to the G+women list do you know how to get added to the list?

    3. I am inspired by beauty. Writing. Art. Beauty. Kindness. Creativity. And, of course Love.
    5. Conflict is also inspiring because it is the essence of a good story.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty!

    • Hi Rose. The best way to get comments is to write an inspiring blog or inject a bit of controversy. It’s very difficult when you first get started because you have to build an audience and keep them coming back for more.

      I am not sure how to get on the G+ women’s list but I will find out. In the mean time circle me on G+ and I will look it up. Thanks so much for participating it’s much appreciated. I found this hope it helps http://www.womenofgplus.com/

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